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Highlands Cinemas has now closed for the season. Hard to believe another season has come and gone, how time flies. It was a wet summer but probably better than all the fires in the rest of the country. I want to thank you for your patronage, and donations to the cats.

We will re-open May 4th 2018.

The cat population has risen to 36 when we took in a kitten abandoned at the old Timbr Mart, who had 5 kittens in tow, since all the shelters are currently swamped. Meanwhile the do-nothing City of Kawartha Lakes council passed a bylaw forbidding anyone from feeding feral cats in their yard. Lately boxes of kittens have been left to die at the end of driveways, or in garbage bags at the side of the road, with no shelter space available. My neighbour was unable to miss a garbage bag in the middle of the road, it contained a mature cat. My suggestion to anyone encountering these hapless animals and unable to find a Shelter willing to take them, deliver them to Mayor Andy Letham’s office at City of Kawartha Lakes City Hall 26 Francis St. Lindsay Ontario, in a proper carrier, during office hours, after asking a reporter from Kawartha Lakes This Week ( 705 324 8600 ) to accompany you to monitor the care of the cat. We are at limit here and unable to take any more cats in. Meet Aspens replacement Duke who you will see out and about next year. See you in the spring.

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Hiring!Many customers notice and ask about the Cats around the theatre. Highlands Cinemas cares for 27 abandoned domestic and feral cats. The problem is caused by uncaring, irresponsible owners who simply dump their pets like so much garbage. Without intervention most will die from starvation, cars, freezing, are shot by humans, or are killed by other animals. Since there is a total lack of concern or intervention by local municipalities, and animal welfare groups who rely exclusively on donations are swamped, we have done what we can to help in this area. We will not take in any more animals. It costs a lot of money to provide food, lodging, medicine and veterinary care for the cats we have. For anyone who may feel the urge to help, two Boxes have been installed in the lobby of the theatre, to accept donations to assist with their care. MEET THE CATS


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